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Project 1 – Free Education For Children

Project 2 – Free Education For Minorities and Backwards

   Free Education For Children
To work against child labor and provide free education to the children. Provide education to dropout children. Close to 13.5 million underprivileged children in India are out of school and into child labor in order to earn a single meal in a day. Looking at enrolment trends, there remain significant gaps in the enrolment of girls at the elementary level as compared to boys, especially at the upper primary levels. The objective of this project is to ensure access and quality education to the girls of disadvantaged groups of society by setting up residential schools at upper primary level.
a) Concentration of tribal population, with low female literacy and/or a large number of girls out of school.
b) Concentration of SC, OBC and minority populations, with low female literacy and/or a large number of girls out of school.
c) Areas with low female literacy.
d) Areas with a large number of small, scattered habitations that do not qualify for a school.
Number of children
The Targeted Provision For Children Under This Project Include
● Free textbooks to all children upto class VIII
● Separate toilets for girls
● Back to school camps for out-of-school children
● Bridge courses for older girls
● Recruitment of 50% women teachers
● Teachers’ sensitation programmes to promote equitable learning opportunities
● Gender-sensitive teaching-learning materials including textbooks
● Intensive community mobilization efforts
Item of Expenditure
Non-Recurring Cost
Construction of building
Boundary wall
Furniture/Equipment including kitchen equipment
Teaching Learning Material and equipment including library books
Recurring Cost
Maintenance per girl student per month @ Rs 750
Stipend for girl student per month @ Rs 50
Supplementary TLM, stationery and other educational material
Examination fee
1 Warden
4 Full time teachers
3 Part time teachers
1 Full time accountant
2 Support staff – (Accountant/Assistant, Peon, Chowkidar)
1 Head cook and 1 Asst. cook for 50 girls and 2 Asst. cooks for 100 girls
Vocational training/specific skill training
Electricity/ water charges
Medical care/Contingencies @ Rs 750/- child
Provision of Rent Free Education For Minorities and Backwards
Human values form the basis of character and personality. Many children do not know the difference between right and wrong. It is this imbalance that has led to many of the world’s problems today. Teaching human values is part of the increasingly important process.
The proper implementation of the project will focus on core universal human values e.g. Truth, Peace, Love, Righteous Conduct and Non-Violence and the values enshrined in the constitution of India
Project Planning
The defined project and goal are the starting point for the successful implementation and ability to meet the desired objectives of the defined set of activities in this respect. The main inclination of the over all project being at incorporating the moral and human values.
- Development of teaching/ learning materials and audio-visual aids.
- Training of teachers including art, craft, music and dance teachers.
- Meeting, conferences, workshops and seminars for parents/ community/ students or teachers.
- Motivating children to participate in meaningful creative activities.
- Culture exchange programmes among students at school and college/ institution levels.
- School children theatre movement.
Project Activities
The programme for incorporation of the Moral values into the children is based on the five core human values:
These five values are inter-related and inherent in human beings, raising them above the level of the animal kingdom. The Values are taught through five teaching components/ aids which provide holistic approach to the Moral education project covering all aspects in total.
Name of Activites
Infrastructure requirement for managing and implementing the Moral Education Basic Seminar:
- Teaching aids.
- State, sound system and teaching aid.
- Moral education studies, story and other tools.
- Life lessons teachings.
- Literature and knowledge sharing by use of variety of options and activities like -Theme for the Week, Silent Sitting, Story Telling, Group Singing and Group Activities etc.
ther personal requirement of managing the seminar being: – Physiology and Psychology expert for teaching. Per seminar there will be 2 experts for teaching.
- Life teaching for control of body and mind by adopting meditation, yoga and other similar technique.
- Volunteers for managing the events these will be acting at varying capacity namely organizing assistance, fund management and routine activity management.
- Promotion of the seminar in the vicinity so that the target audience are available at the venue on the seminar day.

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